Otaku Matsuri Oklahoma

January 13th - 15th 2017

2501 Conference Dr, Norman, OK 73069, USA

Vendor Room Guidelines and Key Points

For Otaku-Matsuri 2017

We at Otaku Matsuri Oklahoma City know how much of a key role Artists and Vendors play. In light of that, the following are the guidelines you acknowledge when registering to be a Vendor.
Age Guidelines:
To adhere to trade regulations and fair standpoints we cannot and will not allow minors to sell products in the Vendors Room. All persons under 18 years of age during the convention will not be allowed to register for an artist or vendor spot for Otaku Matsuri. If we find anyone has mislead the registration process you will be removed from the Artist Alley with no refund of purchased table.
ID Policy:
When picking up your registration documentation you will be required to show a Government Issued ID.
We at Otaku Matsuri require Vendors to have their badges on their person visible at all times.  Any helpers you bring along with you need to be wearing a Vendor Room badge which can be purchased alongside your table at a discounted rate.  
You may set up your area however you like as long as you stay within your designated booth area and do not encroach upon other vendors (10x10 space).  Items against hotel policy including smoke machines, confetti, and any other small messy/damaging items are prohibited.  We ask that displays be reasonable in size and not intrude on any of your neighbors space. Please make sure the height doesn’t exceed a safe height for the display.  Please keep any music, movies, etc at a low volume so as not to disturb your neighbors and convention attendees.  Convention volunteers and staff will be walking around to check on these issues.  If they ask you to correct anything, please do so with haste.
Refund Policy:
Full Refunds will be available up until 8/30/16, partial until 11/15/16 and no refund after 11/16/16. Emergency situations happen and if one comes up after 11/16/16 we will work with you as well as we can. As we will be advertising for Artists and Vendors, free of charge, if you do decide you would like a refund your application for the following year won't be accepted. We ask that you be sure that the cancelation and refund are warranted.
Signage in the Vendor Room is allowed but may not be hung on walls.
Approved Products:
This is pretty simple approved products for the Otaku Matsuri Vendor room are any officially licensed English or Japanese products. These products include but aren't limited to wall scrolls, Anime DVD's/Blu Ray's, Manga, Light Novels, plush's, soundtracks, card games and accessories, figures, blind boxes, etc. Also, if you are a vendor that would like to sale Japanese snacks (i.e ramune and pocky) we have been given the green light to let you know that those are allowable products. Also, any vendors who sale Japanese inspired clothing are more than welcome to apply.  
Bootleg Item Policy:
Bootleg items such as unlicensed wall scrolls, Son May CD's, F(x) Dvd's, unmarked figures, etc are prohibited for sale in the Vendor's Room. Any report of a vendor selling Bootleg items will have just one warning to remove the items in question, and the second time we have to ask, you will be escorted out of the vendor area with no refund. We take this very seriously as we want all attendees to enjoy their experience at the convention.
Adult Materials:
Where adult material is allowed at Otaku Matsuri it needs to be out of the reach of minors and that only those who 18 years of age or older are allowed to purchase and look  through adult material.
Weapons Policy: 
Much like adult materials only convention attendees 18 years and older may purchase weapons. This does not apply to wooden weapons however do practice discretion in this field we highly recommend not selling wooden weapons to anyone under the age of 14 or with the approval of their parents or guardians.
Photographs and video in the Vendor Room are permitted, but you can ask anyone not take photos of your set up. It is at your discretion as to what you allow to be photographed.
Behavior and Appearance:
Running, screaming, yelling, rough housing, or loud/excessive use of obscene or foul language will not be tolerated at all. This is true not just for Vendors but also any children that you bring with you. We expect this not just of vendors but all attendees of the convention. Please be courteous to your neighbors, attendees, staff and hotel/convention center staff. If we can all get a long it will make for a great experience. Since this is a public venue, we ask that you practice good hygiene and be mindful of any harsh perfumes or cologne.
Vendors who do not show up by the end the first business day  (8pm) will be considered No-Shows and unless they have contacted us directly in regards to them running late their spot will become forfeit for the second and third day of the convention. Along with  no refund and a forfeiture of spot you will also be placed on a list to not be accepted the following year. Some stipulations apply to this however, as we know things can come up.  Please contact us of any possible late arrivals so it can be notated.
State Taxes: 
Each vendor and artist is responsible for collecting and filing their own taxes. We will have tax forms ready for each vendor and artist in attendance ready for you upon picking up your welcome folder.