Otaku Matsuri Oklahoma

January 13th - 15th 2017

2501 Conference Dr, Norman, OK 73069, USA

Proudly Presents 

Scott SK Miller

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Otaku Matsuri Oklahoma Guest!

Scott Sk Miller is a American born half Japanese hip-hop artist originally from Wichita Kansas and is currently residing in the Kansas city area. As a child he was heavily influenced by Japanese and English music growing up listening to both languages and falling in love with Hip-hop as the vessel to create music. Hip-hop has always been a passion and driving force for him to create new ideas and try to bridge the gap between cultures believing that music is universally understood and enjoyed. He hopes to reach listeners and connect through the language of music. " My main goal is to constantly strive to learn and grow on this musical journey no matter where it takes me" -Scott Sk Miller


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