Otaku Matsuri Oklahoma

January 13th - 15th 2017

2501 Conference Dr, Norman, OK 73069, USA

Panel Descriptions!

LevelUp Panel Troupe
Dez Gonzalez, Won Gonzalez, Jon Peterson, and Steven Bates

We The Accused 18+
Attendees! You've been arrested and now you're on trial! What for? Whatever the audience and your presiding judges decide, of course. You need to either justify it, or convince the audience (jury of your peers) of your innocence. If you're found 'guilty', you will be sentenced for your 'crime'.

Ghost in the Forest

Boystyle 101
A beginner's guide to Japanese boystyle fashion. Come to this panel to learn where to shop, how to build an outfit, and much more!

Hyperdevotion Panels

Neptunia 101
This is a panel for people who are new, or longtime fans of Hyperdimension Neptunia. It is a game and anime about the world of "Gamindustri" and how it's goddesses fought in a "console war" and fight video game piracy. The goddesses are based off of game consoles (Sega, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony) and it is an all around great series. The purpose of the panel is to spread word about the game generating a larger fan base in the US.

Hyperdevotion Panels
Con-versations Anime!
This panel is an open forum on anime that lets the audience come up on stage, choose an anime and talk about it with the crowd. It's simple. A lot of people wish that there would be more people to talk too about they're show for various reasons (it is undiscovered or has a small fan base for example) and this is a way to do a speed run introduction to the show. This panel has sparked quite a few friendships at past conventions and is a great social point for bringing the community together to discuss anime and get to know each other.

Hyperdevotion Panels
What is Senran Kagura? 18+
This panel is an introduction to the world of Senran Kagura, a video game and anime series where NInja schools fight for honor as well as trying to be the ultimate ninja, and claim the title of "Kagura". This show and game have been climbing in popularity thanks to our panels and the incredible fan base, and we are doing our part by giving a spoiler free in depth look into the game including character descriptions, gameplay videos and audience interaction.

Gerran Walker
Guide to Self-Learning Japanese
This panel is to provide information to the audience about learning Japanese on their own. This panel is geared for for beginners, and I will cover great learning websites, textbooks, and even how to use anime, manga, and video games to learn Japanese! I will also have time to answer any questions the audience might have, and to allow others to share resources they have used! I will provide a list of all the resources featured, and will bring along some helpful textbooks and even Japanese manga for people to look through!

Gerran Walker
Japanese Music Video Fest
From rock to rap to pop and everything in between! Sit back and relax as I showcase new and old-school Japanese music videos! You just might find your new favorite song! I will also bring along some Japanese music magazines for people to look through!

Gerran Walker
Beginner Sewing Basics
This panel is to introduce the audience to the world of sewing for fashion and for cosplay! I will cover the basic supplies needed, provide a list of resources for shopping and cosplay inspiration, and will bring along some of my fashion and cosplay books for people to look through! I will also have time to answer any and all questions related to sewing that the audience may have!

Kennedy Parker
Bootleg Panel
This is a panel dedicated to laughing at the best of the worst anime bootlegs I've found in my vast searches.

Dark Fox Entertainment
Q&A With Game Creators
Q&A with the creators of Heritage.

Dark Fox Entertainment
How to Create Balance In a Game
How to recognize unbalanced mechanics in a game and how to fix them.

Ruby Snow
Abnormally Unsound & Bloody 18+
A showcase and Discussion on anime characters who are Abnormal, and who qualify under the terms "Yangire", "Yandere" and "Tsungire". Also showcasing and discussing horror/gorey anime's and video games related to the topic of abnormality's and bloody. 

Anime DJ
We will be describing to the people how Disc Jockeying a.k.a. DJing is used in the Anime culture as well as other elements of Hip Hop.

Mythos Creations
Body Paint and Cosplay Make-up
Join Mythos Creations for a discussion about the various brands and types of body paints available on the market as wall as basic cosplay make-up techniques, facial hair prosthetics, and more. Discussion will include live applications of body paints and make-up.

Mythos Creations
Cosplay Materials Workshop
Join Mythos Creations for a live workshop demonstrating several type of cosplay materials including (but not limited to!) thermoplastics such as Worbla, Terraflex, and EVA foam as well as multiple types of fabrics. 

Bad Fanfiction Reading with Jiraiya 18+
For years, the "Pervy Sage" has been writing horrible fan fiction. Now he's here to read some of the "worst of the worst." Join Jiraiya for some fun yet OH SO WRONG stories!

Those WACKY Japanese Commercials
Ah, television advertising. No one does it better than the Japanese. Join "Happy Sephy" as he presents some of Japan's finest, cutest, and even strangest commercials from the past 40 or so years.

Himawarigumi Cosplay
K-Pop Random Dance Play
This is a challenge to test out the panelists knowledge of K-pop choreography. Everyone is encouraged to jump up and try to dance to the chorus' of randomly played K-pop songs. It's a fun game to participate in and watch!

Himawarigumi Cosplay
Hallyu Wave: History of K-Pop
Through the ages of K-Pop, you will come to learn the groups that gave you the bands that you love today like B.A.P and EXO, at the start of the whole phenomenon bands like S.E.S and H.O.T ushered in this craze while DBSK and SNSD helped it gain worldwide popularity.

The Spookybootique
Sewing Basics
Basics in tools/construction/sewing/planning clothing and accessories. Plus my tips and tricks for making things easier and faster.

Zachary Zahniser
Philosophy in Anime
For a medium that is mostly known for giant robots, and outer space beefcake, anime sure touches on a lot of deep themes. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is a crash course in the five proofs, Azumanga Daioh lets viewers take a step back and meditate on what it means to be a teenager, even Bleach contains arguments of relativism versus absolutism. So, let’s expand on these issues, lets experiment with thought.

Zachary Zahniser
An Open Discussion on Fetishes 18+
I’ve seen a lot of panels that want to take a lewd approach to sex. Well, I would like to take an intellectual one. The anime and gaming world is filled with sexual oddities, let’s not just marvel at them, let’s dive in and discuss them! Let’s learn a thing or two about each other, let’s maybe learn something about ourselves.

Unfinished CosPro
Love Live Dating Game
Want to know if your favorite Love Live girl would be interested in you? Come on stage and find out in this interactive Panel!! We'll choose three audience members for each girl and she'll choose the most interesting to her, or all of them, and give her new love a prize!

Unfinished CosPro
Haikyuu!! Dating Game!!
Remember those old dating shows with the three contestants? Become one of those contestants in this neat panel with your amusing volleybabes? COME ON DOWN!

Future Diary Q&A
Please ask us questions we are lonely

Anime DJs
We will be teaching people about DJing and allowing them to try themselves.

Jake Schoenhals
Amiibo Tournament
An amiibo tournament with Smash Bros 4. Participants must bring their own amiibo. No cheating. Equipment allowed. Prize goes to the winner. A maximum of 8-16 participants can sign up. Amiibos will NOT be destroyed.

Jake Schonehals
Jojo’s Posing Academy
An audience participation panel and introduction to the model-like poses in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and how to do them.

Courtney’s Cosplay
Bad Fanfic Readings 18+
Come and laugh as host and audience participate in readings like never before. Willing audience members will come up and read the story like a script and put on a show for those watching. There will be no lemon reading!! Fanfictions will be from a variety of anime, movies, video games, and more.

Samantha Raines
What Kind of Pokemon Are you?
What kind of Pokémon are you, how do you do the things you do? Come learn more about yourself by learning your Pokémon type(s) and nature!

Samantha Raines
Make my Kokoro Go Doki Doki
There's more to shipping than UPS and Fedex! OTP? OT3? Coupling? Slash? Anchoring? What does it all mean? How did it all begin? Learn about the beginning of fandom shipping, why we ship, and talk about all things shippy!

Samantha Raines
Anime 101 for Parents! 18+
The kids begged and begged and begged, and now you're here, but now what?! What is a host club? Where is Shibuya? Who is "Senpai" and why does your daughter want to be noticed by them? We'll answer all your questions in this kid-free space.

Samantha Raines
Making Friends in Nerdy Spaces
You're at a convention, where you knew there would be other kindred spirits, but how do you talk to them? How do you find a group to cosplay with? How do you start a Friday night Super Smash Bros tournament? We'll answer those questions and more in this panel discussion, so have your instagram handle and 3DS friend code at the ready!

Nobody Important
Wigs Why!?!?!? 18+
This panel will be talking about all the problems that come with wigs, while also showing tips and tricks on how to take care of them. The panel is also a place to share the horror stories of your experiences with wigs, like a support group!

Byron Schwarz
Monster Hunter Generations Meet-Up
Calling all Hunters! Gather at the meeting hall to join a party and take down the mightiest of monsters!

Byron Schwarz
Otaku Dating Game 18+
Single? Would you like a chance to meet someone? Then become a contestant in the dating game.

Honor Lychee
Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Cosplay Online
This panel will go over the best (and not the best) places online to purchase items for cosplay, such as costumes, wigs, thermoplastics, and more. It also suggests important online shopping tips and personal reviews of the websites I recommend. I also provide examples from the websites I suggest, including a wig from Epic Cosplay Wigs, The Five Wits, Arda Wigs, a wig from Amazon and Ebay, and Wigs from a Halloween store that attendees may touch and feel to compare quality between brands.

Kira Buckland
Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Panel

Xanthe Hyunh
Monologue VA Practice for aspiring talent

Love Live Guest Q&A

Tales of a Video Game VA 

Erica Lindbeck
"Let’s Talk Specifics about the VoiceOver Industry"